Restore Lotus Notes Workspace on Mac

Lotus Notes recoveryUnable to find Lotus Notes Workspace ? As you aware that Lotus Notes on the Mac is popular client server application which has various features. Notes Workspace is the legacy interface in Notes. Workspace page was earlier replaced through “Welcome page” which appears on screen immediately once the Notes is launched and also referred as Notes “home page”. Legacy Workspace page is available in the newer versions and accessible by the ‘Databases’ folder of the bookmark bar. But any sort of damaged occur to the database would also result to missing of workspace page which also leads to serious Lotus Notes file loss. So, you should look to restore Lotus Notes Workspace.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Some Lotus Notes Files Losing Scenarios

  • Due to accidental erasing the workspace page.
  • Corrupted file system.
  • Sudden system turn off.
  • Hardware issue etc.

Is it Possible to Restore the Lotus Notes Workspace Manually

you can follow these steps for restoring of lotus notes workspace

  • You have to create new mail memo
  • Then put the cursor at body field
  • Now select ‘Create –> Hotspot –> Button…’ from menu
  • You have to the command ‘@Command( [WindowWorkspace] )’ in the formula editor.
  • (minus the quotes)
  • At last, click at outside of button, close design pane then click at button.

But it is very unfortunate these above mentioned steps need technical skills, in case of failure of these steps it is recommended to use third party program to Lotus Notes recovery.

Best Solution to Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

If you have lost the lotus notes files because of missing workspace and want proper solution in order to get back the missing file then Lotus Notes recovery software comes to rescue. This tool contains various remarkable features which makes the recovery so effective. It is developed by the team of professional software developer after successful experiments. This tool provides restoring of different lost lotus notes files with ease. This is the perfect tool to retrieve Lotus Notes files.

Steps to Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Step 1: First download Lotus Notes recovery software & install it.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Step 2: After that choose the file to be restored.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Step 3:Then, click on start scan button.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Step 4: After the scanning ends you will see the preview.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Step 5: Finally, you have to choose the desired location for saving of recovered files.

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

Restore Lotus Notes Workspace

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