Recover Corrupted Mac Lotus Notes Easily and Safely

Lotus notes :

Lotus Notes – A similar leading desktop application to Outlook with extension .nsf file, which is used to access these components such as calendars, scheduling, web server, programming, collaborations, e-mails and many other things through a single front-end. It proves to be the most advanced and powerful client when attached with domino server and is also easy to use . Mac Lotus Notes enhances the level of productivity with it’s own security which in return declines the cost and pursue a substantial position in this competitive world. The lotus notes includes various important and significant features which makes it more advanced and usable for different purposes. As it works on frequently but due to certain problems it might stops responding and trowing several error messages.

Important Features associated with Lotus Notes mac:

Some of the advanced features of lotus notes are as :-

Schedule the selection on message on the basis of recipients list : With the help of marking the message and then selecting responds that how much each and every single message is important and it is also helpful in indicating critical messages.

Auto-saving : It is one of the new feature of Mac Lotus Notes that indicates the automatic saving of the working document. Even at the time of power fluctuation or failure it help in getting back the message and stored it to a local database.

Sender block mail :With the advanced feature of this lotus notes the user can block the mails of more than one users and also sends the blocked messages directly to the users.

Quick Flags : This option is used to set the priority flags to the follow-up message in case with no showing of the dialog box. One can choose the quick flag option for the message.

Common errors shown in Lotus Notes on mac:

In Lotus Notes the error messages arise not only with the motto of destroying or hindering our work but also to fix the issue with the help of domino server. As we know that each and every thing is not perfect so, is in the case of lotus notes. The common lotus notes error messages that pop-ups during accessing lotus notes databases are as:-

“Cannot open .nsf database file saved from lotus notes” : One cannot access the local notes mail or database file of the users or you can also imply as the NSF (Notes Storage Files) is unable to open. This problem arises due to corruption of the database and leads to misspecification of the space. After conceiving this problem, the lotus notes is unable to read the data and one can say that it becomes fully inaccessible.

“Invalid character in file name” : Due to corruption of lotus notesdatabase i.e. the internal settings of the database this error arises and damage the lotus notes document. Mainly it arises due to log archiving activity.

“Error occur while opening the Window” : This error arises due to consistency problem, i.e. the NSF files will not access until the consistency check is cleared.

“Oversize database” : The lotus notes database should not increase it’s size limitation i.e. no space should be left unused, as it lead to inefficiency of the database.

As such, there are more several errors which lead to the the corruption of the database and it’s remedy too i.e. also to recover all those issues we have mentioned some of the steps of manual removal of the inaccessibility of the data.

Few manual steps for lotus notes error fix:

To overcome the above error messages, we should recommend some easy and feasible methods, such as :-

  • Select the button “Run” from the start menu. Now write the command “Killnotes.exe” and then click on enter button with Lotus Notes Files. After completion of this process, install Lotus Notes .
  • You can also fix inaccessible views and documents through the option Fix up. The problems of corruption can also be fixed by using Compact with c-option.
  • Click Shift+F9 to re-create all the database views.
  • To recover the corruption you can also make the database replica.
  • Easily get the data back through the use of latest and updated backup available.

Likewise, if the above methods does not provide any kind of help in resolving the error issues then we should try to recommend the third party tool Mac Data Recovery Software. It can easily recover all the database of Repair Lotus Notes and allows the user to access messages, journals, mails, tasks, notes, etc.

Mac Data Recovery Software :

Mac Data Recovery Software is one of the best software to overcome all the error messages that occurred during the implementation of the lotus database. It includes more advanced and efficient features which are valuable and necessarily important for each and every users. This software uses different methods such as Compact Update, Fix Up, NT Check Utilities and so on to remove the errors as such some exceptions are also available in this recovery case. So, to get the better and suitable method to overcome or recover the lotus notes , prefer the Free Mac Recovery Software as this software completely removes all the subscribed errors with it’s great efficiency and is suitable with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8, NT(SP6), Server 2003, 2000. This lotus notes recovery software is available in both version as demo and licensed. One can easily preview its recovery effort i.e. all the recovered items can be seen through the demo version but in case to save the recoverable items the user have to purchase the licensed edition of this software.

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